Dice Dreams Free for Android

Dice Dreams a game app that will make everyone from around the world have fun rolling the dice to collect tons of coins.The more coins you have, the more fun you will have to build your city. Because it will allow you to pass levels faster than others, you can choose to connect Dice Dreams to your Facebook account or choose to play as a Guest.

The Dice Dreams game app is nothing complicated. It is a fun game and easy to understand the rules. You just have to gamble a little by rolling the dice to collect as many coins as possible. You should not collect the coins you have collected for a long period of time, you should put them all over the city. So that you can continue to travel on the next level.

If you roll the dice to the Question mark, it means that you might be able to attack other people's cities for free coins, or maybe even stealthily spin the dice to steal other people's coins.

You also have a chance to roll the dice and get a protective shield. It can protect your town from other people's attacks, and rolling the dice can also bring you big fortune.

Dice Dreams is a game app that can be played together with friends from all over the world. You will have fun rolling the dice with Dice Dreams to build your great city.

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