12 Strong (2018)

On September 11, 2001, a sabotage occurred. When a hijacked commercial plane crashes into the Twin Towers world trade center causing a large number of deaths As a result of this incident, Mitch Nelson decided to rejoin the team. He leads a team in a special covert operation to join General Dostum in the battle against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

This mission didn't seem easy. because it takes a long time to fight the battle to achieve the goal When the 12 of them reached their destination, General Dostum had prepared six horses, which were not enough for the 12 soldiers, forcing Mitch Nelson to split into two teams. He led a team of five to advance with General Dostum, while Hal Spencer and five others were ordered to wait for six more horses to be acquired.

General Dostum led Mitch Nelson to ambush the enemy from high ground before Mitch Nelson gave the bombers the coordinates. The explosion caused the Taliban to die and many wounded. When the sound of the explosions subsided, both sides fired their guns furiously at each other. before ending in the defeat of the Taliban. This was a mission that no one expected to be completed in just 3 weeks.

Director: Nicolai Fuglsig

Writers: Ted Tally, Peter Craig, Doug Stanton

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